Belarusian young man, leader of foreign asylum groups Mysterious death in Ukraine – fresh news

Belarusian young man – August 3, the BBC reported that Vitali Chishov, head of the Belarusian House in Ukraine (BHU) group that helps find work and accommodation. and legal advice to Belarusians fleeing the country from police crackdowns Was found dead hanging in a park in Kiev. Ukrainian capital neighboring countries

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The incident happened just one day after going jogging but not going home. While before his death, his friends, Mr. Chichov said. He was followed recently. While the police opened an investigation into the murder case. Was Mr. Chishov killed? And was the death staged as suicide?


Police have taken Mr Chishov’s cell phone and personal belongings from the scene as evidence. He asked everyone who knew the deceased to give clues during the last week before Mr. Chishov’s death. to want to know about the mental state and the possible threat to life of Mr. Chishov.

A colleague at the BHU said Mr Chishov left the house on Monday morning, Aug. 2, presuming to go jogging as usual. Since he couldn’t find any running shoes at his house, his colleagues then searched the woods where he often went jogging.


Mr. Yuree Chuchako, a colleague in an interview with local media that police said Mr. Chishov has a mark on his face. He was expected to be beaten. Mr Chuchko said Ukrainian police and security officials have personally warned the BHU of the threat to activists.

“They said We should be careful Because the Belarusian secret police network works here. And anything can happen.” Mr. Chuchkokla

while BHU issued a statement saying: “We have repeatedly been warned by local news sources and our citizens in Belarus that they may be provoked, to kidnapping and assassination.”


News of Mr Chishov’s death came shortly after Christina Timanovskaya, a 24-year-old Belarusian national team sprinter, was traveling to Japan for the Tokyo Olympics. Received a humanitarian visa to asylum to Poland after being ordered by the Belarusian government to fly back Due to criticism of the coach and the Belarusian government

Mr Chishov was one of several Belarusians fleeing the country. The men’s security forces cracked down on protesters who were displeased with the Belarusian presidential election. in Aug. 2020 that Alexander Lukashenko, who has been in power since 1994, is the winner, but opponents and Western governments have accused The election was corrupted to win Mr Lukachenko. The protests resulted in thousands being arrested.

since then The UN says Belarus has “An unprecedented human rights crisis,” the United Nations and human rights groups said. Police violence against protesters was reported. forcibly lost and allegations of torture

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