Ben Affleck’s gangster flick flops


Ben Affleck’s passion project, Live by Night, has bombed at the box office – failing to make a profit. The actor wrote, directed and starred in the movie, so is likely to be taking the financial failure very personally.

His film tells the story of a Floridian rum-runner during the Prohibition era. But, despite its glamorous subject matter, the movie seems to have failed to capture the attention of the movie going public, making a lost of $75m for Warner Bros.

No Oscar nominations

The movie had a host of A Listers, including Zoe Saldana, Sienna Miller and Elle Fanning. But, it probably did not do itself any favours by coming out at the same time as fellow period drama La La Land. So far, Live By Night has taken only $16.5m at the box office, and it is not expected to do much better upon global release as, traditionally, period movies do not go down well with foreign audiences. The movie also failed to attract the attention of the Academy Award judges, and did not receive a single Oscar nomination, which will make it even more difficult to put bums on seats in cinemas worldwide.

It is understood that Warner Bros ploughed $65m into the making of the film, and much more into distribution and marketing. The flop is further humiliation for Affleck, whose Batman v Superman movie has already scooped eight Razzie Award nominations, including one for Worst Actor. The awards are given out to the world films of the year.

The star will be hoping it is a case of third time lucky, as he is set to appear in a Warner Bros movie called Justice League, as well as a further Batman movie. Justice League is set for release later this year and is based on the DC Comics superhero team of the same name.

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