Biden doesn’t regret it. American troops withdrawal Free from Afghanistan Battle – Live News

Biden is not sorry – on August 11, the BBC reported that President Joe Biden, the leader of the United States. Referring to the decision to withdraw American troops from the battlefield of Afghanistan that I do not regret such a decision. He called on the Afghans to join forces to resist the recent Taliban advances that have captured eight of the 34 provinces. and are invading many areas

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President Biden said Afghans need to fight for themselves. while the Washington Post One of the most influential media in the United States. disclosed the US military’s expert assessment data that Kabul could collapse within 90 days of withdrawal.

The withdrawal of U.S. troops in Afghanistan has also generated regional ripples. As a result, the armed forces of Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan Which borders Afghanistan join the exercises to prepare in case of war or terrorism invaded from Afghanistan

It is also reported that the Russian army will participate in military exercises with the Chinese army. with an emphasis on countering terrorism

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