Bill O’Reilly Under Harsh Allegations Of Abuse And Unwanted Sexual Advances


The famous TV show host, Bill O’Reilly, finds himself in midst of severe allegations that risk to eternally damage his reputation as a respectable man. The New York Times have indicated, through a privately conducted investigation, the charges inflicted on the renown public figure to be of a relentless degree.

Creepy accusations

Five different women have accused, the media strongman, to have verbally abused them and committed unwanted sexual advances towards them. According to the news outlets some of these incidents happened as far as in 2002.The 67 year old man is denying all charges and claiming, on the bases of his clean record at the media conglomerate, to be the victim of a fabricated set up. Fox news, who have been employing Mr.O’Reilly since 20 years, stood loyally besides their crony and supposedly have paid the settlements.

Massive settlement

An impressive payout has been agreed on between the public figure and the alleged ” victims”, as rumors have estimated the sum to be an estimated $13 million. This, in the eye of the ” perpetrator”, is a low level scam that relies on him not being able to afford any damage to his image.  The fox news veteran clarifies that all TV personalities face the risk of being harassed with unjust accusations at the cost of their success.  Trying to express his frustration and discontent to the public and making his case clear, Mr.Oreilly posted on his website: “Just like other prominent and controversial people, I’m vulnerable to lawsuits from individuals who want me to pay them to avoid negative publicity”.

A similar case saw unfolding last year, where former chairman Roger Ailes was similarly incriminated of sexual assault.  This led him to forcefully resign from his executive position and end his successful career. At that time, Mr.O’reilly stuck up to him and was trying to save his public image.