Bitcoin (BTC) smuggled on Polish police premises

Computer scientist was mining bitcoins at police premises

An alleged network of Polish bitcoin miners has taken the idea of ​​hiding in plain sight to its climax, operating within the police headquarters in the capital.

According to local media Gazeta Wyborcza, the individual at the center of this scandal is not a police officer, but a civilian working in the IT department of the police station. The police report also adds that the news was revealed by the TVN24 portal, which “cites unofficial information confirmed by two sources. “

It was the latter who first confirmed that an employee of the IT department of the police station was discovered diverting electricity to mine Bitcoin tokens (BTC). Warsaw police said the subterfuge was discovered “fairly quickly” and the employee in connection with the case was dismissed, and charges were being brought against him at the same time.

Speaking on behalf of the Police Headquarters (KGP), the spokesperson for the Commander-in-Chief of Police, Mariusz Ciarka, confirmed that “the device he used was not connected to any data. The case therefore essentially concerns the theft of electricity, transformed into mathematical computing power in order to secure the Bitcoin network, in return for remuneration.

Inspector Ciarka also said the case has been referred to the Warsaw District Prosecutor’s Office. Investigators are now trying to determine whether the computer scientist acted alone or not and are ready to apprehend a potential accomplice.

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Increasingly frequent energy withdrawals

This affair, at least unprecedented in Poland, is reminiscent of the recent Malaysian raid which resulted in the destruction of many ASICs.

Similarly, in July Ukrainian officials seized several thousand mining machines from an illegal farm in Vinnytsia. The facility was rather unique as it used nearly 4,000 PS4 game consoles to power its business.

The miners camouflaged their premises as an ordinary warehouse and diverted electricity from the Ukrainian grid, sometimes leaving entire areas without electricity for several hours.

In Hungary, a municipal representative from Budapest was caught mining bitcoin from his office last October. The same month, an Ether mining farm (ETH) was discovered at an Italian airport.

As bitcoin mining becomes increasingly profitable, such hacking and embezzlement operations may only be in their infancy …

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