Bodies Of Two Kidnapped UN Experts Found In Graveyard


Kidnapped by unknown agitators since the 13th of March this year , the corpses of two United Nations experts have been found in a graveyard in Congo, outside the city of Kananga close to the initial place they went missing. Both were on an official mission assigned to by their agency, digging through the extensive abuse of human rights in the country.

Tragic acknowledgment

According to official sources, the body of their appointed interpreter as well as 4 other Congolese nationals have been located in the same spot by UN Peacekeepers. Most victims, except of Mr. Sharp and the interpreter, have been found decapitated. The fatal reason of death is yet to be concluded as the investigation is taking its course.

In midst of international uproar and organizational pressure, the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo has launched an investigation in the murder of the deceased UN agents in parallel with an independent investigation carried out by the United Nation itself. As the director of Human Rights Watch, Ida Sawyer, formally stated: “The team’s disappearance reflected a bigger picture of the violence in the Kasai region of the DRC”

Familiar outcry

Grievances and sorrow have reigned over the atmosphere in the concerned agency of the United Nations and high-officials have rushed to show their sorrow and tribute. The United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres stated: “Michael and Zaida lost their lives seeking to understand the causes of conflict and insecurity in the DRC in order to help bring peace to the country and its people”. Back were they originated from, their families held ceremonial tributes and as one of the pastors that used to mentor one of the experts described him: “Even back in college it was clear that Sharp would be a person who would head out to save the world, may we all strive to live out our lives like Sharp, working for peace wherever we are called”.