Boston Doctors Found Dead With Throats Slit And A Message Written in Blood in Their Luxury Home


Two doctors have been discovered dead Friday night in their luxury penthouse home, confirmed PEOPLE. They were revealed to have their hands tied, and throats cute, say police.

The victims, one Dr. Lina Bolanos, 38, and Dr. Richard Field, 49, had been engaged to be married.

Dr. Field, a doctor in a pain management practice, texted his last attempt at getting help to one of his friends from an apartment in Boston, said officials speaking to the Boston Globe anonymously.

However, at the time that police arrived, both of the doctors were found killed, said the paper.

PEOPLE spoke to a source from the police that confirmed the manner in which the doctors’ hands had been bound, saying there was also blood written on the apartment’s walls.

The killer is reported to have written “a message of retribution” upon the walls. The suspect had been injured by police on the scene following his attempts to fire at police officers.


A motive has yet to be discovered, however William Evans, the Boston Police Commissioner, thinks that the couple may have known the current suspect in advance of the incident, reported CBS Boston.

“If someone would come here and go up to the 11th floor of a penthouse, we gotta believe there was some type of knowledge of each other,” said Evans.

Heather Brantley, a family friend, told PEOPLE: “It’s just so sad,” she said through her tears. “Everyone is grieving. I can’t really talk about it right now, because it’s just the worst thing ever.”

Gina Rand, another friend, added: “These were people who dedicated their lives to helping others. It’s a terrible loss.”


The Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, the practice where Dr. Bolanos had been the pediatric anesthesiologist, said in a statement:

“The entire Mass. Eye and Ear community is deeply saddened by the deaths of Dr. Lina Bolanos and her fiancé. Dr. Bolanos was an outstanding pediatric anesthesiologist and a wonderful colleague in the prime of both her career and life. We will do all we can to support their families and our staff members who are processing this senseless tragedy and grieving an enormous loss,” President & CEO John Fernandez said. PEOPLE has obtained a copy of the statement.