British Woman’s Body Sighted at Strip Club in Australia


Stacey Tierney, 29, a British citizen from Manchester was discovered dead at a strip club in Australia called the Dreams Gentlemen’s Club.

It was reported that Ms. Tierney had been at a party with several other unknown men, and reports state that she had been presiding in Australia for over three years and worked as a fitness coach.

Though uncertain at this point, some believe that Ms. Tierney had already been dead by the time the other unknown male acquaintances left the strip club.

The body of Ms. Tierney had been found until the next morning on Monday, and the Victorian authorities have initiated an investigation into her death, as it is unclear whether she had been murdered or not.

Holiday Gone Wrong

Ms.Tierney prior to her death had posted several pictures of her enjoying her vacation and other outings in Australia.

One post from July 16th read, “I’m in love with the Gold Coast,” as several pictures were posted by her as she was at the beach and enjoying her time with other friends.

Ms. Tierney’s 30th birthday would have been on January 20th, and according to friends of hers, they state that she had shared an ambition on becoming a nurse in the future.

A Healthy Lifestyle

Friends of Ms. Tierney told the Herald Sun news that she lived an extremely healthy lifestyle without the involvement of any soft or hard drugs, and usually just had a drink or two, nothing more.

In addition to that, she was an extremely emotionally intelligent person who also shared street knowledge as well. Ms. Tierney’s sisters, Stephanie, Kristie, Kelly-Anne and her mother Michelle were notified about Ms. Tierney’s death on December 19th, just before Christmas Day.

The family is awaiting the results of the investigation to determine how her death came about.