Budweiser swears to be the 1st beer on Mars and will send barley into space next month to start


Accept it or not, the Earth won’t be able to sustain humanity forever. If we do not exterminate our species before we find where next to go, we’ll definitely have to abandon the planet and migrate elsewhere. At the point when that happens, will need a lot of things to survive, and our favorite beer will be one of those things. Budweiser is absolutely ready for that as they’re working tirelessly to find a way to brew beer in outer space.

Barley will spend a month in space

A month from now, Budweiser has planned to send one of the essential ingredients used for making beer – barley – into space on a cargo spacecraft supply mission that will be launched on Dec. 4th. It will stay at the International Space Station for 30 days before returning to Earth for further examinations by Budweiser’s research team. It is just a step towards the big goal – making Budweiser the first beer for the red planet.

“Budweiser is always determined to go beyond the limits of innovation, and we are propelled by the general American Dream to migrate to Mars,” said Ricardo Marquez, vice president of Budweiser. “We’re eager to start our exploration to make beer for Mars.”

Budweiser will send a total of twenty barley seedlings into space and will be stored in “CubeLab” compartments throughout their stay in space. The test will shed some light on the effect of gravity on the barley’s growth and the potential challenges that may be encountered if they would try to make beer during the journey.

Currently, only provisional plans have been made for a manned mission to Mars, and they still have at least ten years. This is a welcoming development, and if astronauts actually set up a colony in Mars, they’ll probably look forward to having a cold beer during the weekends.