Burger King accepts Dogecoin (DOGE) in Brazil … for dog food

New large company accepts Dogecoin as payment method

A few months after the Latvian national airline airBaltic, another company has just announced that it accepts Dogecoin (DOGE) as a means of payment. And, this time around, the company is a multinational known around the world as it is the American fast food chain Burger King. It was through a tweet on July 27, which went a little unnoticed, that this announcement was made.

Tá sem Reais? Compra com DOGE! É o Burger King revolucionando as galáxias but uma vez! Estamos aceitando a crypto mais querida por todos, DOGECOIN como pagamento para o DOGPPER®. 🐶🦴 A compra é fácil, vai lá no site >> https://t.co/7b3TBGdPTO. pic.twitter.com/4wP4Rn30pr

– Burger King Brasil (@BurgerKingBR) July 27, 2021

An acceptance of Dogecoin limited to a single country … for a single product

This acceptance of Dogecoin as a means of payment did not cause much noise, even though it comes from a large company. This is not surprising when you look at the information in more detail. We can see that this acceptance only applies to one country, Brazil. So do not expect to pay your menu in Dogecoin in France. Above all, and this is perhaps the most important information, this acceptance only applies to one product.

This product is the DOGPPER which is nothing other than… dog treat. The name is also a nod to the chain’s most popular product, the WHOPPER. Although this information is therefore more anecdotal than anything else, it remains a nice publicity stunt for the cryptocurrency DOGE and Burger King. This DOGPPER will be sold at the price of 3 DOGE.

To purchase DOGPPERS in DOGE, customers will need to select the number of treats on the Burger King website, for a maximum of five per order. At the time of payment, it will suffice for the client to indicate Dogecoin as the payment method and the public address of Burger King Brazil will appear.

Burger King Brazil has finally announced that part of the DOGPPERS recipe will go to a Brazilian animal protection NGO.

Will this acceptance convert Burger King to cryptocurrency?

Although this information is not a revolution in the world of cryptocurrencies, does it reveal the first step of an acceptance of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment by Burger King? A priori, we are not there yet.

On the one hand, the DOGPPER has nothing to do with other Burger King flagship products. This is a limited offer that is not intended to last long and is not available in all Burger Kings in Brazil. On the other hand, the DOGPPER can also be paid with Brazilian real, the official currency of Brazil.

It would therefore rather be an advertising operation having the particularity of accepting a cryptocurrency as a means of payment. It should therefore not be extended to another product or another country. Burger King has never communicated its interest in accepting Bitcoin (BTC) as a means of payment.

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