Burmese dictator shrugs off Plans to assassinate UN ambassadors link arms dealers in Thailand

Burmese dictator shrugs off A plot to assassinate a UN ambassador links Thai arms dealers.

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Burmese dictatorship dismisses webs – August 10, CNN reported that Myanmar’s military junta government (Burma) has issued a statement through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country’s arrest of two Burmese people for plotting to kill Myanmar’s ambassador to the United Nations, Yew Motun, in New York City. United States that has no involvement in any way with the Burmese authorities

The statement follows the arrest of two Burmese by New York State Police, and an investigation found that the two Burmese had colluded with an arms dealer in Thailand. (Which sells weapons to the Burma Army) plots an assassination. or take the life of Mr. Jor

Myanmar’s foreign ministry said the above case had nothing to do with the Myanmar authorities. Because it is an internal case of the United States, which the United States has to decide according to the legal framework of the United States itself. She also rejected the condemnation of American ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas Greenfield.

Ms Greenfield said the assassination plot was consistent with a distressing pattern. Authoritarian leaders and supporters are trying to deal with adversaries around the world. also showed the unity together with Mr. and admired the courage to stand up against the dictatorship

But Myanmar’s foreign ministry statement said: “The Myanmar authorities strongly reject the condemnation of the Permanent Representative of the United States. on the UN stage.”

The Burmese dictator also explained that Yew has been stripped of Myanmar’s representative at the UN stage. and is also a person with an arrest warrant Because it supports the National Unity Government, or NUG, which comes from the integration of the Democratic Party. After the Burma Army seized power on Feb. 1

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