Burmese youth escape The minute military officers invade The building plummeted down into the crowd – news

Young Burmese youths run away – On Aug. 12, Reuters reported another shocking incident that once again raised heavy condemnation of Myanmar military officials. When five young Myanmar people, four men and one woman, jumped from the third floor of an apartment building in Yangon. The minute the officers broke in

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News reports say Two people were killed and three others seriously injured were taken to hospital on Aug. 10, but Radio Free Asia reported that all the youngsters had died.

Burmese youth escape


The BBC’s Burmese language sector reported that Soldiers refer to the raid on the building. that he was informed that an explosion had been made in the building Later, 3 people were arrested.

The incident caused a viral image to be shared on social media of five young people jumping from a building into a field of golden yellow sunflowers.

Burmese youth escape

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The protest leader Thinsar Shwe Lei Yi said the five chose to jump down instead of facing detention and torture if caught.

The victim’s father, Tin Zaw, told Radio Free Asia that the 27-year-old son was arrested by security forces in February. 2021, but he helped his son until his release, and that before the coup My son had never been interested in politics before. But since the military seized power The son tried to oppose the junta. Without any large organization that is behind the son. He is proud of his child.

Meanwhile, So Myat Thu, the husband of a 29-year-old woman who is believed to have died, said: The wife’s body has not yet been received. and that he was very sad that his wife had to leave a daughter behind.


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