California High school students receive N-word seals on the cover


The high school will have to seriously consider how to edit the yearbook using the n-word, which he did at the top of the textbook at the school.
According to CNN, racial slander appeared on the historic map of San Diego County, which was chosen by the editor of the book and staff of Black Mountain High School. However, the school insisted it was a bona fide mistake.

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In any case, according to NBC San Diego, there were 8th grade students – who first received an annual – also first noticed the arc on the card, which was used as the leaflet anniversary and brought to the attention of the authorities.

The collected books are then corrected

“About 1,000 annuals have been corrected,” said Christine Paik, communications director of the Poway Unified School District. “Literally, staff has gone through every anniversary and word of the cover so we can get these annual plants in time for our kid’s scumbag.”
Corrected annuals are distributed to students on Wednesday but not all are happy, sincere or not.

“It’s not appropriate in the eighth grade. It is unfortunate, “said Darlene Willis, the affected parents’ association for NBC San Diego.”We must be aware that attention is paid to the care and control and the double control and triple checked to ensure it is not offensive to the people, and ordinary language, the offensive”.
“We have an agreement,” said Willis. “I think this is the perfect opportunity for the school district to make a culturally sensitive and ensure that those who are responsible for these things are reviewed again and again, check to verify triple, so no redoing chance. 2017. no we cannot go back in time. ”

Another parent, Deonte KGTV Holloman, he said, the school hopes headlines will be printed, but the school authorities said it would not have happened.
“No, do not print annuals. The cost of reprinting books with Jostens would be $ 36,000 and students could not get their yearbooks for the end of the year in time, “said Kreis. “We’ve realized how important it is that our students get their yearbooks as quickly as possible so that the removal of the words on the cover is the best solution. … The school will review procedures when it comes to the jubilee issue. “