Carbomb Shock Kabul Armed groups attack Afghan defense minister’s home

Car bomb shock, Kabul – BBC reports the unrest in Afghanistan. Militants detonated car bombs and fired shells at the home of Afghan Defense Minister Gen Bismillah Khan Mohammadi. located near the green zone or the heavily guarded safe zone of Kabul. late on Tuesday, Aug. 3

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Security officials said Four people were killed in the incident, while Italian medical charity Emergency confirmed 11 people were treated in Kabul. Along with the bodies of 4 people who died. In addition, it was reported that 4 of the assailants were also killed.

General Mohammadi was not at home at the time of the accident. General Mohammadi’s family has now evacuated safely. And he posted the news on Twitter, “Don’t worry, everything is fine!” Later, the US State Department stated that The attack was clearly by Taliban forces.

A few hours after the attack Kabul residents gathered on the streets and rooftops on Tuesday evening to shout praise to God against the Taliban’s attack. The video was shared on social media.

However, on August 4, another bomb exploded on the streets of Kabul. Near the martyrdom and disability office, three people were injured.

The latest attack comes as fierce fighting continues between Taliban forces and government forces in three major Afghan cities. The UN Security Council called for an immediate end to the violence.

The UN has identified the battlefield situation in Lashkar Gah, Helmand Province. south of the country on Tuesday that At least 40 civilians were killed on Monday, Aug. 2, warning of a worsening humanitarian crisis. As one resident told the BBC: “There are many bodies on the streets. We don’t know who was a civilian or a Taliban warrior. Dozens of families fled their homes and settled near the Helmand River.”

The Afghan army has called on civilians to leave Lashkar Gah before launching a massive attack against the Taliban. After a long battle for several days Armed groups are now reported to be in control of most districts.

The city of Lashkar Gah is still besieged. It will be a symbol of great value to the Taliban forces. which advances rapidly after the foreign forces withdrew Helmand Province is also the heart of the US and British military.

For the latest situation this week Despite being hit by air raids from both Afghanistan and US fighters Taliban fighters reportedly continued to fight. By taking a strong foothold in homes, shops, and various flea markets. while residents were trapped inside their homes during street fighting.

Usually, Taliban fighters warn people through loudspeakers to leave. But sometimes they enter the house immediately. This gave people minutes to flee or risk being shot as people’s homes were already part of the battlefield.

The other two cities are Kandahar. south of the country Taliban forces try to seize which used to be the original stronghold and the city of Herat the west of the country Clashes with government forces intensified.

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