Casey Affleck’s Win As Best Actor At The Oscars Sparks Anger, Outrage After Sexual Harassment Accusations Against Him


Casey Affleck’s win at this year’s Oscar for Best Actor after his role in the film Manchester By The Sea was a win for the underdog, but many people weren’t pleased with his Academy Award nod because of the actor’s two sexual harassment allegations back in 2010.

Sexual Harassment Allegations

The actor, 41 years old, was predicted by many to win the award, however his win was foreshadowed by the sexual harassment accusations against him as he began moving into the limelight.

Amanda White, a producer,  and Magdalena Gorka, a cinematographer, both sued Affleck for $2 million and $2.25 million respectively based on alleged sexual harassment during their filming of I’m Still Here, starring Joaquin Phoenix.

In the initial allegations, White said that Affleck had referred to all women as “cows”, then groped her after she rejected sexual advances made by him, and told a cam operator to show his genitals to her on many different occasions.

Gorka stated that she had been confronted with “near daily barrage[s] of sexual comments, innuendo and unwelcome advances” from her fellow crew members who had been encouraged by Affleck.

The actor has consistently denied these allegations, and settled their claims out of court the same year.


While details of agreements made remain a secret, Gorka and White’s complaints are still online available to the public on record.

The allegations explain the reason behind people’s outrage when Affleck won the award

“Last year Brie Larson stood and hugged every sexual assault survivor who was on stage with Gaga and now she has to hug Casey Affleck,” said a user on Twitter, referencing how Larson had to present Affleck with the award.

“Casey Affleck is avoiding eye contact with every woman in the room. #Oscars,” reported Clickhole, a pop culture news website.

Viewers also discussed how Larson refused to clap for Affleck when he won the award.