Catch the villain, plot an assassination Myanmar UN ambassador, beautiful face! Thai Arms Broker Chak Yai

The FBI has arrested the culprit, plotting an assassination. Myanmar’s UN ambassador met with an arms dealer in Thailand behind the attack.

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Yesterday (August 6) Reuters reported that the US authorities. Two Burmese arrested in New York Planning base with arms dealers in Thailand which sells weapons to the Burma Army To kill or injure Kyaw Mo Tun, Myanmar’s ambassador to the United Nations.

Joo Mo Tun told Reuters on Wednesday that he was harassed and that US authorities. has added security The New York prosecutor’s office said Phyo Hein Htut, 28, and Ye Hein Zaw, 20, were arrested and charged with conspiracy to assault. and causing violent incidents to foreign officials which carries a maximum prison sentence of 5 years

Kyaw Mo Tun, Myanmar’s ambassador to the United Nations

However, the ambassador did not respond to questions on the matter. The Burmese military junta dismissed him in February. But he is still the representative to the United Nations. Because the United Nations (UN) does not recognize the authoritarian government of Burma. from the coup

According to Phyo Hein’s testimony, Htut told FBI agents that Arms dealer in Thailand have contacted him online and offered him money to harm the ambassador and forced to resign if the ambassador refuses to step down the arms dealer offer to kill the ambassador It also stated that There will be a plan to cause the ambassador’s car to have an accident.

Ye Hein Zaw contacted Phyo Hein Htut and transferred him $4000 in July. Which will transfer another 1000 dollars or 33,000 baht if the mission is successful. A UN mission security volunteer told the FBI that Phyo Hein Htut had told him about a plan to hire a diplomat to kill or injure a diplomat.

The testimony also said Ye Hein Zaw had admitted to transferring money to Phyo Hein Htut, which he regularly remitted to others. on behalf of arms dealers New York Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said the defendants has crossed borders and oceans to plan to use violence against international leaders in the land of the United States

Recently, it was reported that 413 Myanmar civil society organizations (Myanmar CSOs) released a joint statement today. Refusing to appoint Mr. Erivan Yousof, Brunei’s second foreign minister. to serve as Special Envoy of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to discuss and coordinate with all stakeholders in Myanmar. In Finding Ways to End the Political Conflict and Violence Caused by the Coup by Min Aung Lai

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