Center organizes breast milk donation for mothers who are unable to produce it


Medical experts advocate that breast milk is the most nutritional food for premature babies. In a bid to support mothers who are in need of breast feeding their premature infants, the Leigh Valley Breast Feeding Center has opened a milk depot.

The Center in South Whitewall Township, Leigh County is set to help mothers who are unable to provide their kids with breast milk. Likewise, the breast feeding center will provide breast milk for premature babies.

Benefits of all-human milk

According to the executive director of the Mid-Atlantic Mother’s Milk Bank, Denise O’Connor, babies in the neonatal intensive care section perform better when they recover a human breast milk diet. O’Connor added that such babies have reduced mortality rates, shorter NICU stays and fewer complications.

Mid-Atlantic has collaborated with St. Luke’s Health Network and the center to reach out to local mothers. A previous milk donor, Janelle Negi said she has tons of milk, as her daughter is dairy-free. And she can just go and drop off her milk where a mom in need of it can get it easily.

The director of the milk bank, Lora Steffie said the team is poised to reach out to many moms that want to get involved, adding that it would be an overall benefit to the community at large.

Steffie added that any healthy mom with a kid below the age of one, and still breastfeeds could make donations. Steffie went on to say that the Lehigh Valley Breast Feeding Center has mapped out different programs that would help mothers combat the challenges of parenting and breast feeding.