Charged with stealing! American firefighter infected with covid in kitchen Leave work, get paid – go to the resort

Charged with theft! – On Aug 5, CNN reported that a firefighter in Dallas, Texas, USA was charged with theft. After lying about being sick with COVID-19 to take paid leave for almost 1 month

William Jordan Carter, 38, a firefighter who has been with the Dallas Fire Department for 14 years, was arrested Friday July 30 and held until Wednesday August 4. C. Before receiving bail with an amount of $1,500 or nearly 50,000 baht


The testimony under the arrest warrant stated that Mr Carter asked for a leave of absence on March 24 because his wife was sick with COVID-19, then a week later, Mr Carter asked for another week’s leave, stating that his daughter was sick with COVID-19. together, and after 2 days before returning to work Mr Carter told the Fire Department that He’s sick and has another COVID-19 ailment.

The Fire Department recommends that firefighters stay home if they test positive for COVID-19 or live with a COVID-19 patient.


When Mr. Lauren Johnson, deputy chief of the Dallas Fire Department Ask Mr Carter to show you a copy of the results of the COVID-19 test. Mr Carter informed Mr Johnson that He didn’t test for the infection, but thought he was infected. and unable to prepare documents for family examination results

Mr Johnson then asked Mr Carter the reason for the falsification. Mr Carter replied, “Greed, I guess.”


Bank records appearing in the testimony revealed that Mr. Carter made several purchases in the central Texas area. in mid-April which is during work leave including going to the Kalahari Resort Large indoor water park and resort in the city of Round Rock It’s about 180 miles south of Dallas and is worth nearly $1,400.

Court documents state that Mr Carter received three consecutive months of salary during his leave totaling $12,548.86, or nearly 420,000 baht, from taxation in dollars, sales taxes and fines.


“Suspect Carter used the money illegally. Intent to deprive the City of Dallas interests deliberately deceived the commander’s line to create false sympathy about the fact that affects the judgment of the line of command in a transaction to approve salary during COVID-19 sick leave, therefore guilty of burglary,” the testimony said.

Additionally, while on leave, Mr Carter received daily check-ins from the Fire Department. It’s part of the daily tracking program. In case firefighters get worse while on leave by being contacted by text or phone every day And Mr Carter’s daily leave report was sent to the Public Security Service.


Dallas Fire Department spokesman Jason Evans confirmed that Mr Carter was on paid leave. An internal investigation is still in the process.

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