China bans more karaoke songs Claims to prevent content that jeopardizes security.

China bans more karaoke songs Prevent content that jeopardizes security

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Report of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China Revealed that China is preparing to create a blacklist for karaoke songs with dangerous content. It is forbidden to distribute this type of music in karaoke venues across the country.

Top 10 of the most popular songs in Chinese karaoke (KTV)

Set of temporary rules from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Effective October 1, 2021, the blacklist will compile a list of songs that are detrimental to national unity, sovereignty or territorial integrity. including content that violates religious policies spread superstition Support pornography, gambling, violence, drugs or incitement to crime.

China has nearly 50,000 karaoke bar entertainment establishments with a basic music library of more than 100,000 songs.

China to establish banned list of karaoke songs that 'endanger national unity'  |  The Independent

China has taken control of the distribution of violent media. pornography or continued politically sensitive opinions. Last year, the Chinese government banned 100 karaoke songs, citing content that jeopardized national security. or convey inappropriate behavior

Do You Hear The People Sing?

In addition, the song Do You Hear The People Sing from the stage play Les Misérables, which addresses people’s rights, has also been removed from Chinese music streaming.

Peppa Pig, subversive symbol of the counterculture, in China video site ban |  China |  The Guardian

In addition, over 30,000 clips of the British children’s cartoon Peppa Pig have been removed from the platform. 2000 in China, which is very popular. After the subtitles were made in Mandarin But at the end of the year 2060, there was a surge of heat. When an adult audience uses the Internet more Including items such as cups, watches, clothes, there is a picture of the main character in it.

Peppa Pig banned in China because of links to gangsters with 30,000 videos removed - Daily Star

The Chinese government has reported that Peppa Pig has become an unexpected cultural icon. For young people who are not working uneducated person anti-social youth group So Peppa Pig Has been officially banned since the year 2563

Peppa Pig sheds Chinese censors just in time for the year of the pig


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