Chris Martin gets Wrong Man on Stage For Touching Proposal


 Front man singer Chris Martin, 39, of Coldplay had a concert in Australia this week, and a rather unexpected turn of events amidst the concert.

Wrong Guy

Chris had temporarily stopped the show in order to allow someone to come up on stage and propose to his girlfriend. Lonardo Tanno, 31, was supposed to be the one proposing to Felicia Lie, 26, on stage.

However, Chris accidentally chose the wrong man from the crowd to come up instead, leaving him shocked with embarrassment as part of the symbol of romance could have tumbled down.

A video was uploaded on Facebook in which Chris struggled in carefully selecting the future bride and groom from the audience and asked some random blonde woman on the stage “What the f*** are you doing here?”

Fixing the Mistake

However not all was lost, as eventually the correct couple came up on stage, in front of thousands in the audience, and Lonardo, getting on knee said “So for the past three years, thank you for your love. Thank you for giving me a chance.”

After that he asked her to marry him, in which Felicia responded with yes, along with Chris Martin being invited by them to their wedding in Indonesia.

Martin barged in at some point during the proposal to lighten things up and said “Don’t take too long…people have to catch trains and s**t.” Felicia was so overwhelmed with the fact that despite Martin’s busy schedule for the concert, he went out of his way so as to allow a few special moments of her and Lonardo to be witnessed by everyone and allow the audience to take part in it.

“I was surprised – I guess it was a mixture of disbelief and happiness. It was amazing for me to be able to share the stage with him [Chris Martin],” said Felicia to the Daily Mail in Australia.