Closing of schools and universities Friday

The Lebanese government announced on Thursday the closure of all public and private schools and universities on Friday following bloody clashes in the capital, Beirut, which left 6 dead and 32 injured.

“All public and private schools, institutes and universities will be closed tomorrow, Friday,” Education and Higher Education Minister Abbas Halabi said in a statement quoted by the Lebanese News Agency ANI.

The minister explained that this decision came “following the decision of Prime Minister Najib Mikati, imposing a general closure as a sign of mourning for the martyrs who fell following the clashes that occurred Thursday in Beirut”.

Earlier Thursday, armed clashes broke out in Beirut, leaving 6 dead and 32 injured.

The events began with massive shootings during a demonstration organized by supporters of the “Hezbollah” and “Amal” movements to denounce the decisions of the judicial investigator in the case of the explosion of the port of Beirut, the judge Tarek Bitar.

In a joint statement, “Hezbollah” and “Amal” attributed the responsibility for these events to “armed groups” affiliated with the “Lebanese Forces” party, allegations denied and qualified as “false accusations” by the party in question.


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