Coinbase Appoints Former Facebook Senior Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Facebook alumnus named Coinbase’s Marketing Director (CMO)

A few days ago, Coinbase announced the sudden departure of a former SEC executive. If the platform has apparently still not replaced Brett Redfearn, it has on the other hand just caught a new big fish.

Indeed, Kate Rouch, a former senior Facebook official, has just been appointed Marketing Director or Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Coinbase.

For more than ten years, Kate Rouch has gradually climbed the ranks in the organization chart of the social network. Prior to leaving for Coinbase, Rouch was Global Head of Brand & Product for Facebook.

Coinbase seeks to attract more people to cryptocurrency

On its blog, Coinbase explains why the platform chose Kate Rouch as marketing director. First, Rouch led the entire marketing strategy for Facebook and its affiliates like WhatsApp and Instagram. Coinbase therefore seeks to learn from the advertising success of a brand like Facebook.

Coinbase also believes this period is a turning point for the cryptocurrency industry. User growth is exponential and Coinbase claims 56 million users worldwide to date. The platform seems to think that we will have to redouble our efforts to maintain this exponential growth.

The primary goal is simple: Coinbase wants to attract millions of other people to digital assets.

On LinkedIn, the future Marketing Director said that the platform is creating more financial freedom for citizens and is ready to fulfill its future role: to present to millions of people all the benefits of the cryptocurrency industry. .

Facebook alumna to help improve the image of Coinbase and the industry

The platform’s unacknowledged objective, the appointment of Kate Rouch is reminiscent of others recently, including that of Brett Redfearn. Although the situation has greatly improved, the cryptocurrency sector still suffers, and much in spite of itself, from a sulphurous image.

By choosing people who have succeeded in more conventional sectors, Coinbase seeks to show that crypto-assets are not reserved only for geeks or so-called criminals, which we are always looking for elsewhere.

Coinbase is the most advanced platform on this subject. After its sensational listing on the stock market last spring and a recent colossal investment in cryptocurrencies, the platform continues to recruit everywhere to improve its image.

Kate Rouch seems to be the right person to achieve this goal. Indeed, its marketing team won multiple awards and Facebook saw the number of active users increase from 500 million to 3 billion. What can Coinbase hope for from a considerable increase in users in the coming months? Case to follow.

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