Connecticut Man Sentenced To 70 Years For Murdering His Son


A father from Connecticut was condemned to 70 years in jail without parole Wednesday because he dropped his 7-month-old kid off the bridge on purpose two years ago.

The judge described the act as “heinous.” During the hearing, Superior Court Judge Elpedio N. Vitale said: “The utter depravity of the crime — a father killing his infant son — speaks for itself,”

In February, 23-year-old Tony Moreno was found guilty of murdering his son, Aaden, two years ago on July 5, 2015.

What actually happened?

Moreno dropped his son off from the Arrigoni Bridge in Middletown about 100 feet into the Connecticut River.

Judges refused Moreno’s defense saying that he didn’t kill Aaden but he rather fell from his arms. Moreno claims that he was suicidal and that the boy’s fall was just an accident.

Prosecutors debated whether Moreno’s claim is true or a revenge from his wife, Adrianne Oyola, who asked to break up.

Two days after the incident, Kayakers found Aaden’s about 14 miles down the river. His body’s autopsy indicated he had drowned after fracturing his skull.

What did the Judge say?

Moreno’s sentence is divided into 60 years for murder and 10 years for risk of injury.

“Not only did you violently and intentionally kill your 7-month-old son, but you taunted his mother as you committed the act with text messages that were aptly described as ‘demonic’ — just so you could add to her unfathomable grief,” Judge Vitale stated at the sentencing.

“There was no way to know what your son was feeling or experiencing at the point he went into the water,” Vitale added.

“The overwhelming evidence demonstrated that you intentionally [threw] Aaden off that bridge to kill him, and that you succeeded, and that you did so to exact revenge on Ms. Oyola,” he continued.