Convicted Footballer, Adam Johnson Faces Grave Threat In Jail


Former Manchester City and Sunderland midfielder, Adam Johnson, who was convicted of engaging in a sexual act with an underage teen is reportedly being compelled to convert to Islam if he wants to stay alive.

Adam Johnson who was sentenced to 6 years in prison was offered the protection after other inmates allegedly threatened to slit his throat. The Muslim convicts are said to be the only group willing to offer him protection only if he makes the switch to Islam.

Adam Johnson Spotted With The Muslim Inmates

The report also states that Adam Johnson has been spotted at the Muslim’s praying ground. But he has not made any announcement about religion switch.

According to a source within the prison ground, he was unwilling to make the switch as he had hoped that he would be moved to another prison. However, he request wasn’t granted and he is now thinking about the offer as he does not have friends in the prison. And prison can be lonely without friends especially if someone wants to get to you, the source said.

He had initially asked to be transferred to another holding facility in South Yorkshire. His request was however rejected by the prison authorities.

Adam Johnson was convicted in March 2016 after he was found guilty of leading on and engaging a 15-year-old fan of Sunderland in a sexual act.