Could death of little girl in bath while mother drank cider downstairs have been prevented?


    A report into the death of a 14 month old girl has revealed several opportunities to save her could have been missed. Little Robyn Andrews-English was found cold and lifeless in the bath after her mother Jasmine Gregory left her in the bathroom by herself and went downstairs.

    Gregory, 24, was sentenced to three years in jail at the end of last year after she was convicted of manslaughter. Now, a new report has revealed that social services had taken Robyn into care at the age of four months because of concerns over Gregory’s parenting abilities. However, she was later handed back to her mother.

    This was despite Gregory being known to have issues with alchol, and different men in her home. She was given help by a number of agencies. However, the report concluded that there were a number of opportunities missed which could have possibly saved little Robyn.

    The review, carried out by Oxfordshire Safeguarding Children’s Board said that while agencies could not have prevented her death, there were a number of improvements in the system which could be make to make sure lessons were learned from the baby’s death.


    Gregory found her daughter in the bath after she had downed two pints of cider, and forgotten that she had left her there. There had been worries about neglect previously and Robyn had previously been placed with an emergency foster family. While Gregory went on to receive support from children’s services, the report said her pattern of behaviour did not actually change. The report said that the help she was receiving may had masked what was actually going on.

    Interim independent chairman of OSCB, Paul Burnett, said the release of the report would no doubt be a difficult time for Robyn’s loved ones, and he extended his sympathies. However, he said that despite missed opportunities, there was no suggestion that the death could have been prevented, and that the mother and child had appeared to have a good relationship.

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