Could Meghan Markle be about to jet in to see Prince Harry?


Prince Harry and his new love, the actress Meghan Markle are said to be making plans to meet after she asked to take a break from filming her hit show.
Ms Markle, 35, has asked producers if she can have some time off from the US legal drama Suits.
It is understood that amid the furore surrounding her relationship with the fifth in like to the throne, she asked bosses if she could take some time to herself as she had “something important to do”.
She is believed to have staged a number of meetings with advisers to develop a strategy to deal with the high level publicity surrounding her since news of her relationship broke.
Ms Markle will finish filming this series of Suits later this month. It is thought she wants a break before Prince Harry sets off on a planned official tour of the Caribbean.
The Prince is due to head off on November 20 up until December 4, visiting seven island nations.
A highlight is due to be a meeting with Barbadian singer Rihanna at a special concert being held to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Barbados’ independence from the UK.
In recent interviews, Ms Markle said she would be taking time out in December to spend time with her friends and family. Those loved ones are certain to include the Prince after she began dating him during the summer.
While it is unusual for the royal family to comment on speculation surrounding personal relationships, Prince Harry has confirmed that he is in a relationship with Ms Markle.
Following the huge amount of attention she has received, Prince Harry instructed Kensington Palace to put out a statement urging the media to respect Ms Markle’s privacy.
His statement said that he was becoming increasingly concerned about his girlfriend’s safety and was upset that he had not been able to protect her from such intrusion.
While he has been keeping a low profile since news of his relationship hit the headlines, the Prince has now made his first public appearance since it was revealed that he is dating Ms Markle.
Along with his grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh, he visited the Field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey in London, where he saw the poignant sight of 60,000 small wooden crosses which have been planted in memory of individual service personnel who have died fighting for their country.

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