Credit Suisse supports a startup in the tokenization of its actions in partnership with Taurus

Simplify the management of its actions thanks to tokenization

On its Twitter account, the fintech Taurus announced that the startup Alaïa has successfully tokenized and deposited its shares with the banking giant Crédit Suisse.

As part of this transaction, the bank supported the Alaïa company, which specializes in the travel and sports leisure segment, in particular by integrating the services offered by the fintech Taurus.

The latter is a Swiss company specializing in blockchain technology and digital assets. In this regard, it provided on its platform the tokenization and issuance of shares, a digital asset custody solution and a blockchain connectivity solution.

“We are committed to supporting entrepreneurs and financial institutions to digitize private assets and facilitate business financing 2.0. The collaboration with the Crédit Suisse Institutional Clients team was exceptional. I look forward to the next steps in this project, which represents a world first, paving the way for the markets of tomorrow, ”said Lamine Brahimi, co-founder of Taurus.

The transaction was integrated into Crédit Suisse accounting systems in compliance with Swiss regulations and with the standards of the Capital Markets and Technology Association (CMTA).

Interestingly, the project was carried out on the public Ethereum blockchain. Thanks to tokenization, the startup will be able to manage its capital more easily, in particular to integrate its shares into the secondary market.

In this sense, Alaïa plans to deploy its actions soon on the Taurus Digital Exchange platform.

“With Alaïa’s projects, we want to offer an innovative and disruptive vision of the development of the travel and leisure segment in Switzerland and abroad. I am particularly excited about our collaboration with Taurus and Credit Suisse, which allows us to be a pioneer once again, this time in digital finance, ”added Adam Bonvin, founder of Alaïa.

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