(CRO) platform launches commercial with Matt Damon

A renowned advertising spot

On its Twitter account, the cryptocurrency platform (CRO) published a new commercial in partnership with Hollywood actor Matt Damon.

Fortune Favors The Brave

A tribute to those who got us this far.
And an invitation to those who will take us further. # FFTB

– (@cryptocom) October 28, 2021

This marketing campaign called “Fortune Smiles on the Brave” was directed by Oscar winner Wally Pfister and produced by David Fincher.

The idea behind this achievement is to highlight the ethics of the company and its desire to change the future through innovation.

“The timing of this campaign coincides with the early stages of general public adoption of cryptocurrencies. We are very excited to present our business to a global audience by inviting them to our secure platform with a message focused on financial independence and self-determination, ”said Kris Marszalek, Crypto Co-Founder and CEO. com.

According to the press release, the advertising campaign will be broadcast through its many partners, including the Philadelphia 76ers, Formula 1, the UFC and the Visa payment network.

In addition to this network, the advertisement will appear in television spots and billboards in the United States.

With the collaboration of Matt Damon, it is certain that the company has hit hard in the ecosystem. However, this partnership is not trivial.

Indeed, recently partnered with the global nonprofit co-founded by the actor. The latter aims to provide drinking water and sanitation facilities to people in need.

So, to support this mission, the company donated $ 1 million to Matt Damon’s organization. Moreover, does not hesitate to launch initiatives with its 10 million users to support the cause.

“Just like we do with, is a cryptocurrency platform that shares my commitment to empowering people around the world with the tools to take charge of their future. They’ve built a platform that is accessible and puts people first, ”added Matt Damon

Consequently, it is interesting to underline that this association puts forward a win-win duo. The notoriety of the actor will attract new users to the platform, and conversely, the company through its network, will raise awareness of the actions of

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