Cryptocurrency jobs are on the rise in 2021

The number of jobs related to cryptocurrencies is increasing

The study comes to us from the Cryptoparrot trading simulator, which details which cryptocurrency-related jobs are on the rise. From September 2020 to July 2021, blockchain-related job vacancies grew by + 118%, but not across all industries.

Notably, development-related jobs still represent the largest share of offers (29.7%), but it is down compared to last year, when it represented 34.8%. The area that is progressing the most is human resources, with + 200% of job offers. This can be interpreted as a sign that companies are consolidating over time.

There are also many more jobs related to marketing and finance (+ 105% and + 100% respectively). Industrial engineering and positions related to design and documentation, however, are among the few areas to offer fewer offers this year.

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An industry that is consolidating?

As the analysis notes, this breakthrough in cryptocurrency-related jobs comes as the markets have broadly advanced over the past twelve months. Bitcoin (BTC) thus took + 407% over the period, and Ether (ETH) shows + 1071%. So this may have enabled companies to spend the money needed to hire new hires.

Cryptoparrot also notes that while positions are in high demand – especially for developers – they don’t always manage to be filled. Cryptocurrency professionals have in fact mostly done their classes independently, very little training still existing in the field.

The result is that in the cryptocurrency sector, the demand from companies still often exceeds the number of candidates who could correspond to these types of jobs. Once education catches up, however, this should balance out. And that could continue to drive new blockchain projects, according to the analysis:

β€œWhile organizations are still determining the fundamental role of blockchain technology, the breakthrough in job vacancies shows that the industry is maturing. β€œ

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