Cycling Training Given to Lorry Drivers


About 1,500 lorry and van drivers are currently being supplied with training on cycling so as to be able to get a different perspective on the road for the cyclist’s life in an attempt to prevent further deaths of cyclists on the roads in London.

The Safe Urban Driving (SUD) is the course through which the lorry and van drivers are being put through to better understand the life of a cycler, and more than 1,600 drivers have been signed into this course.

Within the course itself, drivers are put through a three and a half hour educational section within a classroom, and afterwards they spend the same duration on an actual bicycle on London roads. The overall time frame for the course takes just one day.

A New Set of Glasses

One lorry driver, Jeff Morris, 63 drives an enormous 32 ton lorry, considered to be of some of the largest vehicles within the Travis Perkins fleet in the city of London.

Mr. Morris made a few remarks upon finishing his course, saying that once he cycled in the streets of London and was cycling next to a big truck, he felt quite afraid and intimidated, and states that he feels glad to be able to be put into the cyclist’s perspective so as to enhance his own driving for them in the future.

The Ambition

The entire objective for this one day course was to simply have the lorry and van drivers be able to relate to the cyclers they see every day and really feel how frightening it can be on the ground instead of high up on the lorry, and how for the cycler, the tiniest move made by the lorry next to him/her is extremely sensitive to them.

It was stated by Ron Searle, head of the group’s transport risk and compliance that it can be extremely terrifying for a cycler who is cycling in a lorry driver’s ‘blind spot.’