Dan Rather points out why nobody can believe Donald Trump


Following the CNN poll that showed about three-quarters of Americans are not okay with the performance of the White House, Dan Rather has talked to Donald Trump without fears. The famed journalist addressed President Trump as lazy and flakey as baked pie crusts.

Dan Rather points out his reasons

Rather said that there had not been such present low in the presidency since polling started, indicating that the trend is going downwards and never up.

He added that there could be possible reelection if Trump can’t sort out many things. Rather expressed pessimism that Trump could ride out a hard number of accusations laid against him by the prosecutor. These polls are not easy with Trump and the country at large.

Speaking of the issue, he cited Thomas Jefferson’s view that advocates honesty as the basis of governance. Also, the polls stand in for many. And about 50 percent of the Republicans are not okay with what Trump says.

Rather called Trump lazy and flakey as baked pie crusts saying that it’s the impression many people have about Trump. He added that this might continue until he changes, else, his administration will face many problems.

According to CNN’s Don Lemon, president Trump talks good but doesn’t practice that. He further stated that Trump has spent barely 200 days in office, but has been bent on amending laws related to lands and environment among others.

He went on to say that Trump has moved the government to the point that it’s no longer bearable. Had it been that the Democrats pushed the government to the direction that suited them, as Trump is doing, the Republicans would not have seated well with it.