Dancer dies on stage, to round of applause from audience


A dancer collapsed and died on stage, to a huge round of applause from the audience who thought it was all part of the act. The man, 48, who so far has only been identified as R.Khusainov, died while performing in Russia.

An audience member, who was videoing the performance, captured the moment he died on stage, while in the middle of a traditional lezginka dance. He could be seen dancing to a number sung by Liza Akhmatova on stage before he suddenly collapsed.

For a few moments, it is clear that Ms Akhmatova did not realise what had happened because she carried on singing, while the audience continued to clap along. She even urged the audience to give the dancer a round of applause.

Heart attack

However, within a few seconds, it soon became apparent that something was terribly wrong, as the dancer did not get up again. He had been performing traditional dances as part of a Mother’s Day celebration in Russia.

Members of the cast and crew then rushed onto stage to check on the dancer and members of the cast immediately called emergency services. However, paramedics could not revive him and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

The dancer is understood to have worked as a children’s dance teacher when he was not performing himself. He had previously suffered from heart problems and is understood to have died as a result of a cardiac arrest. A post mortem examination will now be carried out to officially determine the cause of death.

Devastated members of the cast and his loved ones may take some comfort in the fact that the man died doing what he loved best. The incident took place at a concert hall in Urus-Martan, which is in the Chechen Republic in Russia’s south west.

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