Daniela Green, FBI Linguist, Sentenced To 2 Years In Prison After Confessing To Falling In Love With ISIL Member And Escaping


The surge of the Islamic State of Syria and the Levant is a phenomenon that has impacted the core understanding of all aspects of our social life.

The radical entity set many trends that have resulted in the shock of the international platform, achieving to attract a multitude of followers that come from all different and unconventional backgrounds.

The affiliation of Western nationals that have not encompassed the Islamic religion before is a vogue that has been at the core of the global confusion. Experts and officials have till now failed to analyze the main reasons behind this social craze that has seen many of their citizens join the most extremist militia in the modern history.

Guilty for misguidance

While being charged of investigating a suspect terrorist in Germany, Daniela Greene, a hired linguist with top-secret security clearance has managed to be indoctrinated by him, leading to her joining and marrying him.

The former security agent has escaped to join her new lover in Syria and gave him an overview of the surveillance that is being put on him to monitor his online activity.

After unknown reasons, she left Denis Cuspert who was a German rapper and Islamic State sympathizer and evaded back to the Stats where she confessed of her crimes and was pleaded guilty, serving 2 years in a federal prison.

The court held her guilty for misguiding authorities and joining a radical entity that is listed as terrorists by the United States of America Supreme Court.

Lucky to escape

As to her luck of being able to get away from the most feared terrorist organization in the world, a prosecutor in 2015 said: “Her escape from the area unscathed, and with apparently much of that knowledge undisclosed, appears a stroke of luck or a measure of the lack of savvy on the part of the terrorists with whom she interacted”