death of a newborn tested positive for coronavirus

A newborn baby tested positive for Covid-19 at birth has died in France, local media report.

This is the seventh child under the age of 10 to die from the new virus since the start of the health crisis and the first statistical readings in March 2020 from Public Health France.

The death was recorded last Friday in a maternity hospital in Occitanie (South of France). Like the child, the young mother was also a carrier of Covid-19, said the Regional Health Agency.

France is facing a fourth wave of the Covid-19 epidemic with a record number of contaminations due to the spread of the Delta variant considered to be more contagious.

In recent days, epidemiologists have sounded the alarm on an increase in the number of hospitalizations of babies sick with Covid-19 and who are most often infected by unvaccinated parents.

In the Alpes-Maritimes, a dozen infants were hospitalized in a hospital in Nice, in the space of a week, for reasons related to the coronavirus. Most are only a few weeks old. Twenty-five babies have also tested positive over the same period, according to local media.

Medical specialists advance the hypothesis of transmission from parents to the child. In most cases, one or neither of the parents is vaccinated. These infants, whose main symptom is fever, should be kept under observation for four to six days.

Doctors also recommend vaccination for pregnant women. By being vaccinated, the mother produces antibodies that will cross the placenta and then protect the baby. She will also be less likely to contract the disease or develop a severe form, they explain.

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