Death of Liverpool Man Turns Out To Be Kickboxing Champion


The murder of a man in front of a chip shop situated in Liverpool turned out to be a former world champion in kickboxing. An investigation has been launched into the murder of the former champion when he was shot numerous times.

Aaron Lewis, the former champion, according to eye witnesses on the incident claim that he was shot as much as nine times on Grosvenor Road in the region of Wavertree last Wednesday.

The incident occurred around 7 pm according to reports, and the murder is said to be a deliberately targeted one.

Just In Time

After the murder of Lewis, a man around 19 years who is said to have been with Lewis went to the hospital for treatment due to a gunshot injury he had received.

A campaign known as Crime-stoppers was launched prior to this incident in an attempt to fight gun related crimes within Merseyside due to more gun crimes occurring after none had occurred for over three years. Lewis is said to be Alfie Lewis’s son, manages the freestyle karate club of Mushin Kai within Liverpool, and was also a former kickboxing champion.

A Rise in Crime

Lewis at the age of just 12 had received a golden medal for the world kickboxing championship. The champion’s murder serves as the fourth one related to gun related violence within Liverpool as of last April. Just last week a 44 year old man named Thomas Baker had also fallen victim to firearms as he was shot and killed around a meat and fish market. The authorities of Merseyside have stated that Lewis was taken immediately to the Aintree university hospital due to the critical injuries he had suffered from the gunshots. However soon afterwards he was then pronounced dead. One witness to the matter who attended to Lewis’s aid after he was shot stated that he had been shot at least nine times and that another person had pumped the man’s chest while she applied pressure to the injuries.