Death toll surpasses 300, Henan drowned victims

The death toll has surpassed 300 – on August 1, the BBC reported that the confirmed death toll from severe flooding from heavy rain. in Henan Province central china last month The rise has rapidly increased to at least 302, more than three times the original 99 since Thursday, and 50 are still missing.

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Henan province officials said The death toll of 302 comes from Zhengzhou, 292 are missing, 47 are missing, Xinxiang has seven dead and three are missing, Pingtingshan has two and Luohe has one.


Zhengzhou mayor Hou Hong said 39 people were found dead in an underground car park. The number of people in the tunnels rose to six from four, and 14 more died after flooding on the subway line 5 in Zhengzhou.


An unprecedented rainstorm hit Henan province. until the reservoir overflowed, the dam collapsed, the public transport system and the streets of the big cities drowned in the city of Zhengzhou With more than 600 mm of rainfall, that is equivalent to almost 1 year on average, but it fell in just 3 days.


Chinese authorities say The disaster affected 13 million people, nearly 9,000 houses were damaged, and economic losses of 53 billion yuan (about 270,200 million baht) were lost.

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