Debbie Reynolds Dies Day After Daughter’s Death


Just one day after renowned actress Carrie Fisher died did the death of her mother Debbie Reynolds come as well, at age 84. Reynolds was considered a legend in the Hollywood arena.

Todd Fisher, Reynolds’s son, stated that Reynolds was extremely saddened upon news of the death of Carrie, and she had wanted nothing more than to join her as well. Reynolds received a life threatening stroke just less than 20 minutes later.

After the stroke, Reynolds had been rushed to the Cedars Sinai Medical Center in which she had officially been pronounced dead just a few hours afterwards.

Mr. Fisher remarked on the matter by saying that at that point it served as a comforting thought that all Reynolds had strived in doing was in taking care of Carrie as best as she can, and was able to perform that role throughout her life.

Tragedy Starting from the Daughter

Last Friday Carrie had suffered a heart attack on mid-flight as she was heading from London to Los Angeles, and was assisted as soon as possible upon landing by medical teams after passengers had stated that she was unresponsive.

Carrie remained in good state at the hospital all the way till Christmas Day, then passed away two days after.

Daughter and Mother Join Together

Upon Carrie’s death, Reynolds had posted on Facebook in which she expressed her everlasting gratitude for those who expressed their condolences about Carrie’s death and those who have been praying for her.

Several Hollywood actors and legends reacted immediately upon Reynolds death, just one day after her daughters’. Carl Reiner, who had acted with Reynolds in the famous comedy

The Gazebo back in 1959 expressed his utter shock about both deaths, adding that he loved and was delighted in working with both of these prominent figures