Donald Trump in “gun” drama


Republican candidate Donald Trump was rushed off stage by security in a false alarm.
Mr Trump, 70, was bundled off stage by Secret Service agents during a rally in Reno, Nevada, after a rumour swept the crowd that someone had a gun.
It turned out it was simply a man holding a sigh saying Republicans Against Trump. Even though he repeatedly shouted he only had a sign, he was tackled to the ground by security officials.
After it became apparent he was not armed, Mr Trump returned to the stage to continue with his campaigning.
Mr Trump is busy targeting states which have traditionally been seen as Democrat strongholds ahead of America voting on Tuesday.
The Republican is also set to hit Pennsylvania, Michigan and Minnesota, which has not voted Republican for more than 40 years.
Both Mrs Clinton and Mr Trump are having a final, energetic push before the November 8 election.
At the moment, most polls are still putting Mrs Clinton ahead although one placed Mr Trump slightly in the lead.
Mr Tump suddenly stopped speaking at the Reno rally and his security agents pushed him into a crouch before rushing him off stage, acting as human shields.
The protestor involved, meanwhile was pushed to the ground and searched.
When he came back onto stage, Mr Trump shrugged off the situation, saying: “Nobody said it was going to be easy for us,” before he thanked Secret Service officials.
Following the incident, the Secret Service confirmed that shouts of “gun” had gone up from the audience.
However, following a search of the suspect along with the surrounding area, no weapon was discovered.
Austyn Crites, who was the man who found himself at the centre of Secret Service suspicion, said he was attacked as he waved his banner in the air.
He said: “I keep repeating – I’m down, someone is trying to choke me – and I’m saying to these people; ‘There is no gun, I just have a sign’.”
During the disturbance, there was panic in the auditorium, with members of the audience diving to the floor and others making a dash for the exits.
More than 40 million Americans have already voted early, with information so far suggesting that Mrs Clinton is the one with the edge.However, as the British Brexit referendum proved, history is littered with polls which don’t get it right. Only time will tell.

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