Donald Trump-themed restaurant opens in Iraqi Kurdistan


Nadyar Zawiti has named his fish restaurant in the northern Iraqi city of Dohuk after the US President-elect, Donald Trump, “Trump Fish”. Zawiti is among some other Iraqis who have shown their love for the upcoming US president.


“What I admire about Trump’s personality,” Zawiti says, “is that he’s decisive, he’s tough, and hopefully with that toughness he’ll finish ISIS off.”

He also heard Trump say during his campaign that he thinks the US should arm Kurdish forces against ISIS.

Zawiti hopes Trump will follow through on this promise, and has expressed his support through the naming of his restaurant. “I personally love Trump for this,” Zawiti told Reuters. “The name Trump is beloved in Kurdistan.”

He shrugged off other claims of Trumps, including the ban on Muslims from entering the US as campaign rhetoric.

Kurdish forces, and the People’s Defence Units (YPG) have been one of the US’s “most effective allies in the fight against ISIS.”


Zawiti hopes to open a brand of Trump Fish near the White House, one day, if he were invited.

The restaurant logo is a San Diego Chargers-style lightning bolt in place of Donald Trump’s hair and eyebrows.

According to Reuters, the store offers one dish: a traditional Iraqi dish called “maskouf”, which is a drilled fish from local rivers with olive oil, pepper and spices, cooked over an open fire.


Nader Itayim took to twitter to spread the news: “Excellent: A restaurant named Trump Fish in Dohuk in the Kurdistan Region of northern #Iraq.”

Zawiti is not the only fan of Trump in the area. A Peshmerga fighter, Hassan Jamil, named his newborn baby “Trump Hassan Jamal.”

“I called him Trump because he is charismatic and has clear policies and that’s why he won the election.”