Drugs: A woman in Sinaloa. Mexican drug cartel with exchange for sex surgery

The western Mexican state of Sinaloa is the base of operations for powerful drug cartels. and the most dangerous in the country while the huge money from the drug business affects the relationships of the drug cartel members. and the girls in the city It is also the driving force behind the passion for cosmetic surgery.

On the desk of Dr. Rafael Martinez Terrazas, plastic surgeon There are registration certificates for many women awaiting surgery. Most of the time, they wanted the doctor to help them look and feel good according to the drug cartel members’ tastes.

In Mexico, the term “la buchona” is used to refer to women who have undergone plastic surgery to exaggerate their face and waist shape. Hourglass-like curves, as Kim Kardashian is, likes to wear dramatic clothes. and use expensive jewelry items

Kim Kardashian

Getty ImagesKim Kardashian

Dr. Martinez said On average customers who come to her They are between 30-40 years old, but there are many children under 18 years old.

“They like to compete. Who is in the best shape? The smallest waist

Some people come to ask for advice from their mothers. But often comes with a boyfriend who will pay for it.

“A man called me and said, “A woman of mine will go to you. The doctor knows what I like. Don’t worry about what she has to say. because I was the one paying for that.”…”

“I told him to settle with the women themselves. because the time in the operating room The patient is the one who decides everything.”

This man has sent about 30 women to Dr. Martinez for surgeries, and not every surgeon is cheap, such as “lipo-sculpture” or liposuction and removal of fat to tone the body. The part has the desired shape. Priced at around $6,500 or over 200,000 baht, customers often pay in cash.

Dr. Martinez knows that these funds come from the drug trade. I used to think it was a bad thing. But now I don’t think too much “Because of the economy in Sinaloa, restaurants, bars or hospitals are all dependent on drug trafficking.”

Dr. Martinez tries to give advice to women undergoing plastic surgery with men paying for them.

A patient is marked up for liposuction.

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“I asked the patient if it was okay with the surgery that men want them to do. Sometimes they say, “It’s okay, he wants whatever he wants.” But I explained that After a while He won’t be your boyfriend anymore. But your body will always be with you, so they have to choose what they want. It’s not what the fans want.”

Pedro (pseudonym) said it was very important for drug cartel members to have a beautiful woman by their side.

Pedro is a stout man in his 30s. He doesn’t want to reveal himself to the BBC. By simply saying that he is a personal fitness instructor. but also in the drug trade in Sinaloa

“Men compete with women. Your wife is the one who stays at home and takes care of your children, and the other women you have are like trophies.”

Wife of a drug cartel member

Emma Coronel Ispuro, wife of Joaquin Guzman, known as “El Chapo”, the Mexican drug lord, leader of the Sinaloa gang. She pleaded guilty to a Washington, D.C. trial in June on charges including conspiracy to transport drugs. She reportedly met Guzman as a teenager at a beauty pageant in 2007 and agreed to marry him later that day.



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Pedro said, “Men are seduced by lust. With big butts and breasts, it’s all about sensuality.”

He himself used to pay for the surgery for two women.

“Sometimes someone I know will tell you that. “My friend wants to have breasts or buttocks or nose correction and wants to find someone to help pay for it.” He will be a supporter. or being the godfather to support him.”

which means that an agreement has been reached

“A woman might say, ‘Okay, my body will be yours for 6 months if you pay for the surgery’,” Pedro recalls.

But the informal deal may not be for the cost of the surgery alone. May give you money to buy a car, a house, a luxury item.


In a state plagued by poverty and violence like Sinaloa, the “godfather” isn’t just for comforting women. but also provides protection

That’s what Carmen (pseudonym) was looking for. She lives in Culiacan. Sinaloa’s largest city Her background is from the provinces. wanting to be poor and used to live in starvation as a child

A policeman is consoled by his wife after a fatal shootout between narcos and police in Culiacan.

Getty Images The western Mexican state of Sinaloa is the base of operations for the country’s most powerful and dangerous drug cartels.

“I wanted to live a life that my family couldn’t give me because of poverty,” she said. “When I was 16, I told my mom I was going to go alone. I remember my grandma saying, “What are you going to do when you are young?” and I replied, “I have hands and feet, I am smart, I can go to work”…”

Carmen moved to Culiacán. Lived with families involved in crime and was sexually harassed when living in a house Later, she decided to tell the story to a man she met.

After that, this man took her with him. The two then later had a sexual relationship.

The man told Carmen, she is a single woman No one protects the perilous city of Culiacán.

“He told me that “I’ll be the one to take care of you.” Then I went to meet him when he wanted me to. And people around him know who I am. I can walk anywhere in Culia. feel fully protected Surely nothing will happen to me.”

Carmen said she had no idea how many other women the man had in a relationship like her.

Carmen was brave and determined. She dreams of going to university and starting her own business. But she thought she could only fulfill her will if she succumbed to the demands of this man she saw as a very dangerous figure.

“I still haven’t lost my fear of him. When I met him and heard them talk about the Mafia. and business matters It scares me.”

Carmen says that she tries to forget what she hears and sees because those things can cause her bad luck.

Teresa Ruiz in Narcos: Mexico

Alamy, the Netflix series Narcos: Mexico tells the story of a Mexican drug cartel.

“Maybe the person who sponsored me wasn’t that bad. But he’s done bad things. He probably didn’t want me to be anything. But he can make me disappear, whether he is a good person or not.”

Carmen was forced by this man to have plastic surgery too. but still refuses to go to the surgery clinic

“I think people who go for plastic surgery are people who are insecure about themselves,” Carmen said, saying they might be more interested in her “la buchona” body type.

The drug cartel’s aesthetic values ​​extend its influence to a broader culture. Seen on billboards advertising plastic surgery clinics everywhere, and it’s not uncommon for teenage girls to get breast or nose surgery as a Christmas present. while some men have plastic surgery too.

Janet Quintero, owner of a large beauty salon. Has undergone more than 20 surgeries

“I really like it. It’s for women. Plastic surgery is the most beautiful thing in the world. It has changed the part you don’t like about your body.”

female owner

Emma Coronel Aispuro, wife of accused Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman,

AFP via Getty Images Emma Coronel Ispuro, wife of El Chapo, is a former teenage beauty queen.

Maria Theresa Gera, a lawyer who has worked for women in Sinaloa for decades, says the drug cartel culture has spawned the idea that women are things that men can “possess”.

She said that this kind of thinking puts women at greater risk. whether from the man’s lover or enemies of drug cartels

“Women were killed for being the girlfriends of drug dealers. or when a man feels that he has been betrayed Drug cartel members want to communicate that women are theirs.”

El Chapo: The Life of a Cocaine Dealer’s Wife Opens the History of “Asia’s El Chapo” “The drug king” or not?

El Chapo with his former personal assistant.  Alex Cifuentes Villa, and Villa's girlfriend

US Attorney’s Office “El Chapo” Mexican drug lord, leader of the Sinaloa gang personal assistant and his girlfriend

In Sinaloa, women are killed by weapons twice as many as in other Mexican states.

Gera said that in Sinaloa there were many violent and cruel incidents against women. whether it be torture or set on fire

“I remember there was a case of a young woman. Her boyfriend is a member of a drug cartel. He paid for the surgery for her when she was killed, the assassin aimed at her chest and waist, the body parts that the drug cartel member paid for the surgery.”

when this is the case How hard is it for a woman to refuse to join a drug cartel?

Gera said she knew a woman who wanted to distance herself. But this is a complicated matter. because the authorities did not want to interfere in this matter There was no serious initiative to crack down on organized crime. And there is still an official collusion. So what happened? “Drug cartel members are protected. not a woman”

As for Carmen, who has connections with high-ranking members of the drug cartel. Maybe she still doesn’t understand this. or try to ignore

She said she didn’t know how long she could avoid surgery to make her breasts and butt bigger.

“For now He treated me like a goddess,” Carmen recalls.

Maybe so now But to offend men with guns in the state of Sinaloa It’s probably not a good idea.


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