Dublin honour to be turned in by Geldof as a protest for Rohingya’s plight


    Bob Geldof, a popular Irish musician, has made known his plans of returning the honour he was accorded, that is the Freedom of the City of Dublin, back due to the other holder of the same title. He desires to return the privilege because it is held by Aung San Kyi, the Myanmar leader, accusing the said person of nonchalance and being complicit for what he, along with others, namely the United Nations has referred to as ethnic cleansing of Muslims in the Asian region that also were Rohingya.

    The loved musician and beginner of Live Aid had described SuuKyi as a tool to the carrying out of a genocide and that her relations with Ireland aisan embarrassment to them all.

    SuuKyi the accused is a holder of the highly coveted Nobel laureate for peace, which was awarded to her considering the pivotal role she played in the leadership of the movement for democracy in the land of Myanmar, but of late had come under unprecedented criticism due to the violence and unrest that exists in the state which has led to the migration of many scared locals from the area.

    Speaking in an interview, Geldof was clear of his intentions to return the award he was accorded on Monday to the City Hall. In his statement, he described himself as a proud Dubliner and would not want a share in any title or public recognition that is shared with the accused, SuuKyi.

    Rohingya denied citizenship

    The state of Myanmar is predominantly composed of Buddhists and does not see Rohingya as a notable ethnic group, debating that a good number of the said people are actually migrants from Bengali that once inhabited in Bangladesh which neighbours Myanmar and are now illegally inhabiting in their land. The state has gone further to hinder them from formally obtaining citizenship and has made the lot of them to be stateless.