Duke and Duchess Spending Christmas with Middletons


The Duke and Duchess for the second time have decided on spending Christmas Day with the Middleton family at Sandringham, dismissing the conventional Christmas occasion with that of the Royal Family.

Prince George and the young Princess Charlotte, just 18 months old, will too join along with the couple’s Christmas gathering at the £4.7 million mansion situated in Bucklebury, Berkshire owned by Kate’s parents Michael and Carole.


Friends of the Duke and Duchess stated that they intend on celebrating this gathering in a very unique and special manner because it would be Pippa’s final Christmas to be marked as a single woman, as her marriage is set to take place in May to multi-millionaire James Matthews.

Nonetheless about William and Kate spending Christmas elsewhere, the Queen will still be visited by Zara Phillips, her granddaughter, who is now expecting a baby very soon with her husband Mike Tindall.

Mia, their two year old daughter will also be brought along to join in the festive season with the Queen. This wouldn’t be the first time William and Kate have not spent Christmas with the Royal family however.

Back in 2012, Kate was still pregnant at the time and had suffered a critical case of a disease known as hyperemesis gravidarum, which results in vomiting, nausea, and at time a severe case of weight loss may also occur.

In an extreme case however, hospitalization is necessary, especially for pregnant women, as they will need to be supplied with nutrition and fluid using an extra venous line.

However William and Kate ended up joining the Queen at her 20,000 acre estate in order to participate in Prince Phillip’s yearly pheasant shoot that takes place on Boxing Day.

They stated that they are deemed to join again this year for that event, as it is considered a tradition.