Dumped: The £148m lottery winner who left his wife for a stable girl


    A former stable girl who was engaged to lottery winner Adrian Bayford, 46, is understood to have left him – taking 30 thoroughbred horses he bought her, worth £300,000. Sam Burbidge, 29, was living in a £6m mansion with her partner.

    However, when Mr Bayford came home, he found she had gone, taking the horses, a horse box worth £100,000, a £60,000 sports car and her two dogs. The lottery winner had been on holiday along with his former wife Gillian and their children, aged 10 and 12.

    Adrian and Gillian from Suffolk scooped £148m by playing Euromillions five years ago. However, they broke up 15 months after they won the huge haul of cash. It is understood that Adrian and his younger fiancee broke up before he went to Scotland to stay with his former wife.

    Upset about losing his pet dogs

    According to sources, he was more upset about losing his dogs because his children had grown close to them, rather than the horses, even though they were worth more money. The source said that it was not clear where Sam had moved to, and that she had not given Adrian proper reasons for why she wanted to leave him, although she is said to have been unhappy for some time.

    A former postman, Adrian met his former fiancee just a few weeks after breaking up from his wife. He funded her passion for riding, buying her 30 horses, hiring stable hands to help her to look after them and constructing £1.5m worth of equestrian facilities so she could ride in the grounds of their home.

    However, according to his friends, he did not share her passion for riding, so he does not know what to do with the arena and facilities that were built now she is no longer living with him. The couple are understood to have come close to breaking up at the end of last year, when she is said to have moved in with her parents for a time.

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