Duterte visits Japan and says conversations with Kim Jong are necessary


Tokyo – President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, said that someone should talk to North Korean leader Kim Jong and assure you that no one can remove or destroy, wants their country.

Duterte wrote comments Sunday, one day before visiting Japan, where he hopes to get the Philippine town of Marawi, in the south of the Philippines, to help rebuild. Recently, a military campaign ended a 5 month siege of the city by Islamic fighters who were with a group that killed more than 1,100 fighters and civilians.

In addition, Monday’s agreement on details by signing 1 trillion yen ($ 8,800 million) to help over five years earlier agreed, Duterte said he expected to with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the president Donald Trump, if I find him in Manila next month; about the North Korean nuclear threat.

While in Tokyo, and in talks with government officials, Dortes will meet with Japanese business leaders and audiences with Kaiser Akihito and Michiko Emperatriz, where the Philippine president said, “I think I have to limit my word there.”

Duterte praised Japan as a “true friend of the Philippines”

Following talks on Monday, Abe was expected and Duterte’s Metro system announced a package of Japanese support projects over the next five years, including Marawi’s renewal and drug support in the Philippines, Railways and Civil Protection Infrastructure, officials said in a statement. Tokyo.

“Japan has expanded the news to help rebuild Marawi,” Duterte said. “I think it would only harm Japan and scale the destruction that we need your best help, I would see substantial support.”

Around 400,000 people were displaced in the southern Philippines, including the entire population of Marawi, a bastion of Islamic faith in the Philippines, predominantly Catholic. Air strikes, artillery and heavy guns turned the fire into the downtown business center on the lake and the surrounding community in the smoke of the desolate wreckage of the building and the mosque and houses full of balls.