Dylann Roof Went To 2nd Black Church After Charleston Shootings


Due to the pastor leaving his day job too late, this South Carlin Church had to cancel the week’s Bible study class.

Such a simple move could have been the reason why there wasn’t a second round in Dylan Roof’s deadly shoting rampage that saw nine worshippers murdered in a different “black” church.


According documents unsealed from federal courts on  Tuesday, the killer, Dylan Roof, who has been convicted of murdering the nine worshippers in cold blood during their Bible study at the Emanuel AME Church located in Charleston, got off the interstate, driving 30 miles northwest to the Branch AME Church located in Summerville.

There, another Bible study had been advertised on signs in front of the church. The evidence for this intention was based on his GPS system, which he shut off, indicating he had stopped his car, say prosecutors.

Miracle in Disguise

However, Branch AME’s pastor, Rev. Rufus Berry, said to The Associated Press that he called off the Bible study session that evening due to his lateness as a result of him having to stay at his cement company job for longer.

He expressed his shock when he discovered through reports on the news that his church had been one of Roof’s targets.

“I’m still trying to digest this. I’m trying to get through it,” said Berry Wednesday, only minutes before heading over to the same Bible study class that had been canceled on the day of the shootings.

“I would hate to know what the outcome would be. I dread to even think about that,” he stated. “I thank God that he had us protected” from a second attack.

Last December, Roof was convicted by a jury of 33 federal charges after gunning down the nine people praying at the conclusion of a Bible study in a historic Charleston church, which is known by the name Mother Emanuel.