Elon Musk announced his plan to bring people to Mars


In September, tycoon Elon Musk, technology is on stage in Guadalajara, Mexico, and put his vision of the colonization of Mars with his SpaceX company.

The conversation was brave for several reasons. First, the plan is ambitious – By Mosk, 1 million people are expected to fly to the red planet as a “backup disk” for the Earth at a price of $ 100,000 to $ 200,000 per person. Secondly, he submitted a week after filing the SpaceX missile flew into a springboard.

A billionaire entrepreneur expects to take about 1 million people on the red planet.

Now Moscow has written a new document that describes the latest version of its vision of Mars.

Published in the June edition of the magazine’s new space, the article seems to have edited a summary of musk’s September talks. (A complete transcript of this, along with sliding platform musk, is available here.) In Moscow, the text describes the re-use argument of a missile to reduce travel costs a thousand times. The document contains a construction, including descriptions of the older planes of the huge spacecraft that was waiting.

Despite the recent release of too much new information, some of the important events from the original presentation of the Mosque are happening.

On the one hand, plunged into his plans Musk Mars in October during the session ask me nothing on Reddit. He describes the process of four steps inhabiting Mars, he explains how he was created on the fuel and air planets and his airplane inscription revealed: “The Leader of the Galaxy” with a heart of gold, nodding in reserve

SpaceX is also growing casual. He devoted 473 open positions in March and 487 to this post, and there are also many Mars research efforts of the company.

And the Mosk’s company is preparing to launch its largest launch system: Heavy Falcon. In a tweet on June 8, CEO SpaceX said the first super-heavy missile can be launched from September.

If everything goes according to plan, heavy Hawk in 2018 two buyers pay can win around the month.