Enraged Driver Accused of Shooting 3 Year Old Arrested


According to the Little Rock authorities in Arkansas, a suspect for the alleged murder of 3 year old Acen King shot in the car with his grandmother inside has been arrested.

The shooter had got out of his car and shot at the car multiples of times due to the grandmother apparently driving too slow as they were on their way to go shopping.

As of now the Little Rock Police Department have not disclosed the identity of the suspect in custody.

Following the murder of the young boy, the citizens of Arkansas were infuriated, and the police had issued a reward of $40,000 for anyone who has any knowledge into the matter that would ultimately assist in resulting in the gunman’s arrest and trial.

The Road Rage Escalates

The gunman was on his motorcycle behind the grandmother and quickly got agitated when the grandmother had been moving too slow while there was a stop sign, according to the spokesman for the Little Rock authorities, Lt. Steven McClanahan.

The gunman then honked at the car, and rushed to them, eventually firing a shot into the vehicle that struck young Acen.

As the grandmother rushed from the scene and fled to a JC Penny store further ahead, she then noticed that the young boy had been critically wounded.

One Last Desperate Attempt

A witness around the JC Penney store said the grandmother was not aware at all of the young boy’s injury. Upon realizing Acen had been shot, his grandmother performed CPR on him in a desperate attempt to save him until the medical authorities arrive.

Acen was then transferred immediately to the Arkansas Children’s hospital where unfortunately he had been pronounced dead by then. The authorities have stated that there seems to be no evidence in showing any type of affiliation or connection between the grandmother, the young boy, and the gunman.