Environmental Activist Killed by SUV while Marching Barefoot Across US


An environmental activist who was marching barefoot across the country to raise awareness about climate change was reportedly hit by an SUV on a Florida Highway.

Mark Baumer, 33, died on Saturday after being hit by an SUV while marching barefoot across the country to raise awareness about climate change.

His Activism on Climate Change

Mark had already marched hundreds of miles and raised over $3,000 for the Rhode Island-based environmental group The FANG Collective. The group is known to oppose the natural gas industry.

The group paid tribute to him in a statement: “Mark was an amazingly compassionate, empathic, humble, joyful, generous, mindful and caring person. He was a talented poet and artist with an ability to tap into the human experience with his work.”

The activist had logged his 100th day barefoot on the road in a post on the blog notgoingtomakeit.com.

“On day 100 of crossing America barefoot I traveled from Defuniak Springs FL to Mossy Head FL.” With the post, was a picture of his bare toes with the word “Killed” painted in yellow on the road.

He also chronicled his journey, commenting on looks of disapproval he got when he stopped to get kale at a grocery store.

On his Barefoot Across America website, he said: “I am crossing America barefoot to save the earth,” he wrote.

“Climate change is the greatest threat we’ve ever faced as a civilization. A lot of scientists agree. I am not a scientist. I am a poet. I am also a regular human being.”

The Accident

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, Mark was walking on the south shoulder of US 90 in Walton County, when he was hit by an SUV at around 1:15 pm.

The SUV driver, 51-year-old Sinja Moore Siglar, was driving eastbound and “failed to maintain her lain and entered the south shoulder” right before she hit him.

According to the report, Mark was pronounced dead at the scene. The charges against Siglar for the accident were pending on Monday.