Environmentalists Angered by Trump’s Ignorance Over Climate Change


Environmentalists and scientists have been in complete disarray and disbelief over Donald Trump’s recent decision in employing a famous denier of climate change, Scott Pruitt, to serve as the superior for the EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency.

The chief executive for America’s association for the advancement of Science (AAAS), Dr. Rush Holt, has reportedly claimed that this prolonged denial of any climate change occurring to be the same as denying that gravity even exists as well.

Nationwide Outrage

Angered scientists from all over made a remark into the matter, with the Sierra Club as well offering their own opinion to this decision, with their executive director Michael Brune saying it is “like putting an arsonist in charge of fighting fires.”

The Sierra Club currently has about 2 million supporters devotees, and have even initiated an operation for citizens to follow their objective in safeguarding the entire planet from Donald Trump.

The climate change denier has been considered as somewhat of an icon to many when he opposed President Barack Obama’s determination into confronting the global warming conflict.

Dr. Holt expressed how real this global warming matter is as all the signs are there, and he expressed concerns that it is still being denied in addition to being taken care of by someone who doesn’t acknowledge the signs.

Mr. Brune stated that Scott Pruitt “cannot be trusted to head the EPA, an agency charged with protecting all Americans from threats to their water, air, and health.”

According to research and final reports conducted by the AAAS, it states that our progression into global warming has exceeded far more in just this century alone than it ever has in the past approximately 65 million years.

Greenhouse gases have taken a toll on the planet’s temperatures, as now we have artificially risen up by 1 degree Celsius due to the immense amount of emission from carbon.

“If a person jumped off a building because he said gravitation is only a theory, one would say he is delusional,” said Dr. Holt.

So far as the head of the EPA and the man who appointed him to begin with have no professional background of any sort regarding the scientific field, leaving the planet at risk to their policies.