EtherRock – An NFT representing a pebble sold for $ 135,240

EtherRock: “pet rocks” among the first NFTs

EtherRock is not a particularly recent project: its NFTs were offered as early as 2017, around the same time as the Cryptopunks, which are also breaking records at the moment. The principle could not be simpler: these are 100 images of pebbles, all of which have the same size and the same shape, and only the color of which changes.

EtherRock is inspired by “pet rocks,” that is, the genius marketing stunt of advertiser Gary Dahl, who sold “pet rocks” to over a million Americans in 1975. EtherRock a So decided to recreate that, but pushing the absurd even more: this time, it’s a simple jpeg representing a pebble which is sold to amateurs.

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$ 135,240 for the most expensive of the EtherRocks

Whether it is because of their reduced number or their seniority, EtherRock’s NFTs are now being snapped up at a high price. This was not always the case: only 20 virtual pebbles had been sold between 2017 and 2020, for slightly more reasonable prices: we thus find sales of EtherRock for 0.3 and 0.4 ETH in March 2018. , at the time when an Ether did not exceed 800 dollars.

It is resales, on secondary marketplaces, which are now reaching astronomical prices. Last Sunday, the NFT EtherRock number 45 sold for 45 ETH, or 135,240 dollars.

EtherRock # 21 purchased for Ξ45 Ether ($ 135,240.03)

30 mins ago (Aug-08-2021 05:17:15 PM + UTC)

Txn: #EtherRocks

– EtherRock Price (@etherrockprice) August 8, 2021

The floor price of EtherRocks has also skyrocketed: it now exceeds $ 110,000. What to make ironic the amateurs on the status of another “stone” whose price has plummeted this week:

This is the #Gold chart the week #EtherRocks start selling for over $ 130,000. Coincidence? I think not.

Gold is out, Digital rocks are in. Few.

– EtherRock Price (@etherrockprice) August 8, 2021

“This is the gold curve, the week the EtherRocks start selling above $ 135,000. Coincidence? I do not believe. “

If we still doubted it, all this therefore shows that from the moment a digital object is rare and stored on the blockchain, there will necessarily be people willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in crypto to acquire it. The NFT sector should therefore have a bright future ahead of it …

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